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India has a long and glorious history of Science and Technology dating back to Mehrgarh Culture (c 7000 BCE) in Baluchistan. The excavated sites of Mehrgarh and Indus Valley Civilizations and the Vedic and post-Vedic literatures and artifacts provide ample evidences that side by side with art and literature, there grew on Indian soil a very rich culture of science and technology. Extant manuscripts prove that in the field of mathematics, ancient Indians were a force to reckon with. India's unique contribution of decimal system and the concept of zero have revolutionized the world of science.


When the western civilization was still in its cradle, Indian astronomers had made giant leaps in astronomy. These scientific and technological developments have found expressions in socio-cultural practices in India. Agricultural practices and festivals, cuisines and ingredients, dance forms, music, indigenous medicines, natural cosmetics, magic and healing, cleanliness, health and hygiene, household planning and designs (Vastushastra) beliefs and traditions, ritual related to birth, death and marriage, religious rituals and worships- all have a degree of scientific elements in them. The Vedic, epic and puranic literatures make frequent references to complicated geometrical shapes, large numbers, creation of the universe, astronomical observations, calendars, herbal medicines, arms and ammunitions and many other such topics which would not have been possible but for the considerable understanding of science and technology by their authors and by the common people.