Exact Sciences

Diamond in India

Gems have been objects of fascination and value for
humanity since pre-historic times.


Technology and Materials

Stone Technology in India

Rock and water, representing the hard and soft
components of the planet earth, form the basis of all
organic life including the human species.

War Technology

Warfare among civilized human groups may be
distinguished from conflicts between savages over

Aspects of Iron Technology in India

Iron heralded a new era in the history of human

Technology and Craft Production of the Indus Civilization

This paper briefly reviews the archaeological

record of craft production in the Indus Tradition

from the point of technology,


Medical Sciences and Health Care

Ayurveda: Origins and evolution

Quest for good health and long life is probably as old
as human existence itself.

On Bhasmas

Traditional systems of medicine in India consist mainly
of Ayurveda, Unani and Siddhaa.


Traditional Knowledge

Traditional Knowledge Systems

About a decade back a celebrated astronomer and
writer of popular science, in one of his Times of India
articles, dismissed traditional knowledge as
mere superstition.

Waterpower Technology in India

One of the areas in which India's traditional
knowledge systems have developed and survived from
pre-historic to contemporary times is that of the
development and management of water resources.